Thursday, September 2, 2010

I Should Know Better By Now

Every year I say I'm not going to be frustrated when they announce the winners for the Emmys and every year I practically have conniption fits on Emmy Night. Why, why, why do I get my hopes up that they'll acknowledge the shows I like when they seem to fall into old habits.

Okay, that's not fair. Especially when it came to the Best Comedy awards. All of the winners there pretty much deserved to win. Maybe I'm being a little cross because I don't pay as much attention to Modern Family as I did to Glee and Nurse Jackie. And Jim Parsons' victory was pleasant because it was another triumph of geekdom over quirkiness. Who am I kidding? I just love Sheldon. And technically speaking, Glee and Nurse Jackie are not as traditionaly comedy in the same way Modern Family is, but I have a feeling that both shows will be in the arena for quite awhile to come. Huzzah Jane Lynch!

No, it's the dramas that kind of wear me dow. Now, don't get me wrong, Mad Men is a brilliant show--- arguably the best show to come up anywhere in the last decade. But I can't help but feel--- particularly this year--- that they seem to be honoring it more out of habit then anything else. I saw all the nominated shows this year--- and, honestly, I really think that Dexter and The Good Wife were at least as good, and Lost was even better if possible.

And seriously, even Bryan Cranston doesn't really believe that he's the best Actor in TV. I know that everybody with the exception of Fox will probably get another bite at the apple but come on! Who do Michael C. Hall have to kill to get some Emmy love? Why can't Jon Hamm sell anything else? As for best Actress--- it's not that Kyra Sedgwick hasn't deserved to win at least once in the last three years, I just thought that her moment had passed and that Juliana Marguiles had arrived.

Oh well. Here are some random thoughts I had about the show itself.

They need to decide an order of presenting the awards and fracking stick with it. I myself didn't have a problem with the way they used to do it before--- at least then you had a reason to pay attention all three hours. Come on, after the first ninety minutes were over, I didn't have any reason to keep watching. And it is kind of ridiculous to put all those movies in one place. We all know HBO's gonna sweep, so it's kind of hard to care.

Give John Hodgman a permament job. I 've been watching this guy on the Daily show for six seasons, so I know he's brilliant, but he he has just the right tenor to deflate all of the pompousity of those walkup to the awards shows. And you might want to consider giving Ricky Gervais a chance to host. The last three years he's generating more laughter in his presentations than the hosts ever have. And considering how good Harris and Fallon are generally, that's saying something.

HBO is bordering on irrelevance. It'll self promote saying they won more Emmys than any other network, but all of their wins for TV movies. In the meantime, Showtime and AMC each picked up six awards and are clearly a better representation of where the real talent is gathering. To mae an appropriate pun, Boardwalk Empire better come in like gangbusters, cause they're barely hanging in there. God Knows there never going to recognize David Simon's work.

Well, the new fall season is fast approaching which means the networks will be turning out their "best and brightest" But soon Glee and Dexter will be beginning their new seasons, and that's enough to bring joy into this bloggers clogged heart. Keep watching this spot.

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