Friday, August 27, 2010

This Years Emmy's

I know it's a silly thing to get excited about, but there's something about award shows that make my heart pound faster. Maybe it's just because after all the political circuses, turmoil abroad and at home, and concerns about this country's future, the ability to focus on something as demi-serious as the Emmy's is always an entertaining distraction.

Of course, I have huge problems with the Emmys in general. I've never felt they fully honor some of the true greats in TV. (For my first witness, I call Joss Whedon, followed by David Simon and Bill Lawrence). And they have the annoying habit of just recognizing the same shows over and over, and recognizing new blood in nods, while honoring the same old faces. This has been true particularly the last couple years, where the nominees and winners in Best Drama and Best Comedy were duplicates. But they've made some big improvements in the last six or seven years--- they've fine tuned some of their rules, and I think there nominations for 2009-2010 were generally the best they've been in nearly a decade. Still, there are concerns. The Creative Arts Emmys held a last Sunday seemed to show the old habits are dying hard. I'm glad that John Lithgow and Neil Patrick Harris got recoginzed, but seriously Ann-Margaret for Law and Order SVU?! She wasn't even the best guest actress on the show this season. Lily Tomlin and Elizabeth Mitchell got robbed again. And really, showing them just seems to honor the same people over. Why do the Tudors, CSI, and this years Oscars always have to have this special time? And shifting the writing for Vairety series to this show is a robbery. The Writers Guild is going to be royally pissed.

okay. Enough bitching. Let's get to why I'm here. Here are my picks for this years Emmy-- what I think should win, and what I think will win. I'm focusing my energy on fictional programming--- reality TV is just something that I don't cotton to.

Outstanding Drama Series
Should Win--- Lost. Regardless of what you thought about the last episode (God knows I've got issues with it) it can't be denied that it did a much better job of wrapping up then any other mythology series ever has. And the last sixteen episodes featured some truly great writing, acting and directing. Add to this the fact that the Emmys have a habuit of occasionally recognizing great series in their final seasons (think The Sopranos, Everybody Loves Raymond) and I think it might pull off a sentimental vote.

Will Win--- Mad Men. I'll admit that Season 3 did drag a bit, but it's last three episodes were among the greatest I've ever seen on television. Plus it has won the Golden Globe and SAG awards, so it may be habit will be enough to carry today.

Best Actor, Drama
Should Win: Matthew Fox, Lost. This is more a sentimental favorite than a genuine preference. I think all six nominees are superb choices. But Fox has been the most underrated actor on that show even though he was the obstensible lead. Add to that, he probably won't be coming back to TV in any series, and he's a dark horse.

Will win: Michael C. Hall, Dexter. Everyone's sure Bryan Cranston's got this locked up, but no actor has repeated three years ina row in the drama category in nearly half a century. Plus Hall's work as America's favorite serial killer was even better than usual. He's won the Globe and the SAG award, and Lithgow triumphed in guest actor earlier,s o he's fresh in the academy's mind. I think he's going to upset the field here.

Best Actress, Drama
Should Win, WIll Win: Juliana Marguiles, The Good Wife. It's not just that she won the globe and the SAG awards or that her show has completely revitalized the legal drama. But she took what could have been a gimmick and helped turn out the best show on CBS in over a decade. January Jones had some great moments this season, but Marguiles owned the stage this year.

Best Supporting Actor, Drama
Should Win: Terry O'Quinn, Lost. Ever try to play what may be the epitome of evil while maintaining the face of a character who was beloved by fans for five seasons? I've always loved O'Quinn's work, and though I missed John Locke this season, both the characters he ended up playing were nearly as fascinating. One of our best actors working today. I await his next project with bated breath

Will Win: Martin Short, Damages. To be perfectly honest, I want Short to win. He did some stupendous work on one of the best acted shows on TV, and we later saw that it was actually a dual performance, so he deserves more creit. My one debit is that we probably won't be able to see him accept due to tragic circumstances involving his wife. But if he wins, he earned it. Big time.

Best Supporting ACtress, Drama
Should Win: Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men. Peggy Olson is probably the most fascinating character at Sterling Cooper Draper Price--- its small wonder Don begged her to join. I'm only surprised she took the demotion to this category from best actress last years. But wherever you put her, she deserves to get it.

Will Win: Christine Baranski, The Good Wife. Honestly, I'm less sure about this category than any of the others. We've had more surprise wins in it then all the others. Baranski just seems likely because, like Short, she's a brilliant comic actress, and she did a compelte 180 in this show. The academy likes versatility--- some times.

Best Comedy Series
Should Win, Will Win: Glee. Some critics would argue that given the opportunity, the voters will vote for the more traditional brilliant comedy, Modern Family. No insult to the ABC shows, but are they nuts? Glee has been running against it in every major preaward show this year and beaten it. Modern Family is a great show and will probably win in the future, but Glee is a phonemenon. It's also the most original show to come up on TV in decades. This is a lock.

bEST Actor, Comedy
Should Win: Matthew Morrison, Glee. The fulcrum of what is a brilliant cast, he's made Will positively enduring. Add to this, everything his character went through this season, and he went on the greatest journey.

Will Win: Alec Baldwin, 30 Rock. Sigh. It's not that his work isn't genius, that he's not comedic dynamite, and that he's still wondrous to watch four years in. But really, hasn't he gotten enough awards already. Isn't it time to let someone new, or at least recognize the fine work of Jim parsons or Steve Carell, into the winners circle.

Best Actress, Comedy
Should Win, Will Win: Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie. No other actress could make drug addiction or falling apart this much fun. Showtime has created a new genre-- the half hour dramedy, and Jackie is one of the most delightful portrayers of it. Another couple seasons, and I'll be able to forgive her for The Sopranos

Best Supporting Actor, Comedy

Should Win: Chris Colfer, Glee. The show's secret weapon, and one of the most real performers of the entire cast. He took what could have been a cliche, and turned him into the most fascinating characters in TV.

Will Win: Neil Patrick Harris, How I Met Your Mother. Am not sure whether the two Emmys he's already won this year mean it's going to be his time to shine or whether the Academy will think it's finally his time to shine. This is probably Modern Family's best chance to win to upset, so watch this category carefully

Best Supporting Actress, Comedy
Should Win, Will Win: Jane Lynch, Glee. What can I say about Sue Sylvester that she wouldn't already say funnier? She's had a lock on this award since the series debuted. All I can say is I can't wait to see how she'll see this.

Am not sure about any of the other categories. Except for Varietyb Series--- I want to see Bill Maher win at least one award in my lifetime. And if Conan O'Brian pulls off an upset--- this could have the most drama of the night.

Well, i've written myself out. See you Sunday night.

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