Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Season is Over-- Emmy Time begins

It's been another good year for TV--- Jay Leno wars at NBC non-withstanding. And now we've reached the time of year that often fills me with the most anticipation--- the period where the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences gives its picks for this years Emmy nominations.

Now I know that while this organization is supposed to celebrate the best and the brightest, it has a nasty habit of ignoring quiet great shows for flashier, birghter show, and the better shows are usually ignored. (For my first witness, I call Joss Whedon) But they've shown better sense the last few years with gives me hope that might be refocused. And this season will give them a chance to make up for some past slights.

So here are the shows and actors that I think should be nominated this year, along with my logic. Because this is a big project I'll do it in two posts

First, the Dramas

Damages --- I still don't know if this show has a future, but it doesn't change the fact that this may have been its finest season. This show has redefined what a legal drama can do.

Dexter--- This show gets better with every year. And this season dealing with the Trinity Killer may have presented us with Dexter Morgan's most worthy adversary. Plus the finale still has me reeling.

The Good Wife -- Just when you thought there were no good courtroom dramas anymore, this show comes back to redefine both legal and political drama. This has a formidable future ahead of it

Lost --- Even if you had a problem with the final episode, it doesn't change the fact that this magical mystery tour ended stronger than any other series before it. And it deserves to be honor for its superb six years on the air

Mad Men--- I don't know what there is that's left to say about this show that hasn't been said before, save that watching the Drapers marriage implode while simultaneously dealing with JFK's assassination was a landmark episode even for a series which sets the bar high each year. And that wasn't even their finest hour this year.

Treme--- All right, it's not as good as The Wire, but David Simon's latest series demonstrates that he truly is one of the most important writers of any generation. And honoring him for this would make up for ignoring him twice before.

Best Actor, Drama

Matthew Fox, Lost--- His work on this series was always excellent, but he surpassed it this year. Considering he will probably never do another show, we should honor one of the most undervalued actors in one of TV's finest shows

Michael C. Hall, Dexter --- I thought that there wasn't anything that Dexter could do that could surprise me. But watching Dexter's confrontation with Trinity and it's immediate aftermath was devestating. I still get shakes thinking about i

Jon Hamm, Mad Men --- The real man in the grey flannel suit, he dealt with the loss of his liberty, the revelation of his true identity, the death of his marriage, and started a new Sterling Cooper. What the hell does he have to do to get an Emmy?

Peter Krause, Parenthood --- This generation's Henry Fonda, his dignified work on this rapidly improving series is special. Three brilliant series, no Emmy love: come on

Hugh Laurie, House -- Turns out House off Vicodin is just as fascinating on Vicodin. He alone makes this fading series engaging six years later

Kiefer Sutherland, 24 --- This is a sentimental favorite, but come on, watching Jack Bauer on a vengeance kick showed us why we followed him for the last nine years.

Best Actress, Drama
Glenn Close Damages -- What can I say about her that hasn't been said the last three years?

Lauren Graham, Parenthood--- Her work on this series isn't quite as good as it was on Gilmore Girls, but give her time. She may not have been the first choice for the role, but it's hard to believe it now

Holly Hunter, Saving Grace --- Why are they killing this show after just three seasons? This may be the last chance we get to honor the most gutty policewoman on TV.

January Jones, Mad Men-- Frankly, she should have gotten a nomination the last two years, and her work was not significantly better than it was this year. That's how high she sets the bar. Betty Draper may never find happiness, but we do just watching her.

Julianna Marguilies, The Good Wife --- It's hard to believe, but Alicia Florrick makes all those years being the heart of ER seem like she was being underutilized. The heavy favoritr.

Kyra Sedgwick, The Closer--- I actually feel sorry for some of the murderers that Brenda Leigh Johnson interrogates. And I feel for someone who is so fixed in her routines she can't bear to witness her cat be put down. These are the reasons I love her.

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