Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Emmy Posts--- Supporting ACtors

Best Supporting Actor, Drama

Nestor Carbonell, Lost --- I didn't think he had a brilliant performance in him, but seeing the epic story of the islands ageless wonder was probably the highlight of a strong season. There's a reason I'll miss Lost

John Goodman, Treme--- There's a lot of talent on this show, but so far, watching this embattled New Orleans writers struggle with his book while ranting about New Orleans n YouTube are among the high points of this series.

John Lithgow, Dexter --- He's played psychos before, but rarely one quite like Arthur Richmond, aka Trinity. And the episode where he walked into Miami Metro, saw the photos of his victims, and just... smiled. Most chilling scene of the season. It's been six months and I still can't get it out of my head

Chris Noth, The Good Wife--- The 'bad husband', its been fascinating watching Noth play a character with a little sleaze in him for once. Sometimes I care more about his election than Alicia's casework, and I'm not alone.

John Noble, Fringe --- Long shot, I know, but his stunning performance in the episode where Walter lost his son, and the finale where we finally met the Walternate probably the most brilliant work of an already strong series.

Martin Short, Damages --- He can do a serious role, and because the character he played was putting on a performance of his own, that gives us another reason to revel in this evil lawyers schemes.

Best Supporting Actress

Christine Baranski, The Good Wife--- Took what could have been a cliched part and has really made it her own. Deserves to have credit for this next to all the nominations she's gotten for playing comedy.

Rose Byrne, Damages --- This season Ellen dealt with some pretty big demons of her own, on top of her dance with Patty. If this is the series last hurrah, let's give her the love she deserves

Cherry Jones, 24--- Not as good as the last year; watching the final eight episodes and her moral collapse was mesmerizing. Just another example of when bad things happen to good presidents

Melissa Leo, Treme--- Don't get me wrong; Khandi Alexander and Kim Dickens are brilliant too, but watching Leo's lawyer try to get through the morass of the New Orleans justic system is one hell of a windmill to tilt at it. Besides, I've been a fan of hers since Homicide; she deserves a nomination for something.

Elisabeth Moss, Mad Men --- Always fascinating to watch, at the rate she's going, Peggy will be the head of her own agency by the end of the 60's. She can do just about anything

Lily Tomlin, Damages --- Watching the Tobin matriarch preside over a crumbling family situation while trying to hold on to her money and dignity was quite memorable, particularly when it became clear thats she couldn't. And she's never won for any major show. Sensing a theme?

Tomorrow, I take up the comedies.

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