Thursday, July 8, 2010

Emmy Time! The Votes Are In

For me this is the most wonderful time of the year. Awards seasons always get my blood pumping, partly because of the hope that some of the greatest television around will be recognized for their skill. Furthermore, the predictions that I made were about the same results. They did nominate the old standbys, but their was for the first time in awhile, a much needed infusion of new blood. Let's go over some of the things that made me feel warm inside.

Glee --- Is there ever a more accurate description? Few shows have deserved so much joy, and they'll probably win a good deal of those 19 nominations. I was perhaps happiest to see that Chris Colfer earned a nomintion for his work as Kurt, the member of New Directions who is responsible for some of the most superb moments. I was also gratified to see Mike O'Malley get honored for his work as Kurt's father. This guys come a long way from Yes, Dear. I don't know if Matthew Morrison and Lea Michele will win, but they deserve a chance at the big prize.

Mad Women--- Yes, the men at Sterling Cooper are ultra cool, but the woman of this show are even more appealing. January Jones work as Betty Draper has been ignobly ignored for the past two seasons, so I was glad to see that she got recognized. Elisabeth Moss continues to wow as Peggy, who I'm convinced by the end of the series will be running an agency of her own. And Christina Hendricks is the epitome of svelte on this show as Joan Holloway, especially when she left her husbands side to join the new agency Sterling is founding. Let's hope they recognize her talent as welll as her figure.

The REAL Showtime powers---- Last Season of Weeds was probably it's most unfunny, so I'm glad the voters didn't just cut and paste it's nominations from last year, and instead recognized Edie Falco and Nurse Jackie. And it's also good that Dexter, which had it's best season, racked up eight nominations (Still, John Lithgow, best Guest Actor, not Supporting? Really? I know they did it for Jimmy Smits last year, but I kind of think that was misplaced as well? Oh well...

Lighting up Fridays --- I'm not a big fan of the show, but I can't help but feel impressed that Emmy Voters finally got their heads out of the sand, and recognized real talent in an unwatched you, when they nominated Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton for their work on Friday Night Lights. Show aside, I've been a big fan of these actors work for over a decade in countless solid performers, and they might be able to run an upset to pull off a victory.

Damages Done? ---- F/X still won't say whether the brilliant legal drama has a future, even though it is, for the third year running, the networks most recognized show. I do think they could've recognized Campbell Scott and Lily Tomlin's work really belonged in the Supporting Actress category, and it deserved a Best Drama nod, certainly more than True Blood. Here's hoping this earns them one last bite at the apple

Guest Actors --- Traditionally, Guest ACtor and Guest Actress are given away in an earlier ceremony, but considering some of the nominees this year, the Academy might want to rethink that stratagem.

Consider: In Best Guest Actor in a Drama, we have Dylan Baker and Alan Cumming for the Good Wife, Robert Morse for Mad Men, Ted Danson for Damages, John Lithgow for Dexter, and Gregory Itzin for 24, and Beau Bridges for a swell one-shot on the Closer. Best Guest ACtress isn't as flashy, but we still have Sissy Spacek, the one good thing about Big Love this season, Elizabeth Mitchell for Lost, Lily Tomlin for Damages, and Ann Margaret for Law and Order:SVU. I'd pay to see who comes out on top in either of those matchups. . Comedy isn't as flashy, but with Neil Patrick Harris, Kristin Chenowith, Christine Baranski, Jane Lynch, Jon Hamm all double dipping, they'd have some reason to watch. I know it ain't gonna happen, but the show could be so much more fun.

Out of their grooves---- And with this influx of new blood, the Emmys seem to have shaken some habits that I have been wishing they'd break for years. Finally, Grey's Anatomy, House, and Entourage are out of the Emmy Gods systems after years of diminishign returns. Maybe we can have some proof that the awards aren't stuck in a five years ago. And in the ultimate screw you, Conan O'Brian got nominated for the Tonight Show, and Jay Leno didn't. Conan if you win anything August 29, just say something like: "I would like to thank NBC for all the faith they had in us." Though personally I'll be routing for Bill Maher or Stephen Colbert.

That's it for recognition. Next post, I'll discuss some of the biggest snubs. (Treme, anyone?)

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