Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Best Television I've Ever Seen

Earlier this year, TV Guide posted the second edition of their list of the 100 greatest episodes of television history. As someone who remembers pretty clearly their first edition June of 1997, it seemed that they rejected some of the true great moments in TV for some newer models, while still ignoring some of the great moments I've seen. This makes some sense (there've been some truly remakable television in the past decade) but does a disservice to some of the older ones.

I've watched a lot of TV over the last fifteen years,, and have seen some truly remarkable shows, which makes me as qualified as some to post on what I think are some of the most remarkable things I've seen on TV. Plus I feel that creating debate is what these blogs are for.

So here are some of my choices for the fifty greatest episodes of the last two decades. (I've seen a lot of great television from the eighties recently, but for the most part I will refrain from commenting on those, because they may not be my greatest judgment) I'm not going to try and rank them until I've finished listing them, mainly because I don't believe in that sort of thing. Besides, do you really want to try and argue over whether something is 43rd rather than 36th. Even I'm not that anal retentive

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